Photo: Lloyd K. Sarpong


Zoë Gadegbeku is a Ghanaian writer living in Boston. She earned her undergraduate degree in French from Georgetown University, and is currently studying in the Creative Writing MFA program at Emerson College. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in Lawino Magazine, Afreada, Brittle Paper and The Fem Lit Mag. She was a fellow in the Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice at Georgetown, and was selected to participate in the Callaloo Creative Writing Workshop at  the University of the West Indies- Cave Hill, Barbados in May 2017. She is the Communications Associate for the Elma Lewis Center, and also works as a research assistant in the Institute of Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies, both at Emerson College.


The reasons I write are not static. These days, I write because I find myself carrying an insistent rage with me almost everywhere I go. Among peers, I’m always on edge, hoping nothing will be said that will compel me to defend black humanity, and preparing for the almost inevitable fact that this will take place. In class, I feel pressured to engage texts that often erase or attack women who are a lot like me, while my classmates have the privilege to retreat into silent discomfort. In private I am left with this anger settled in my abdomen, exasperated by people who are dismissive of the situation: “Who sent you? You could’ve stayed at home.” I’m currently writing out all my anger until I am rid of the most venomous parts of it, and then I can wait in peace for the next wave of inspiration to hit.

Email: zoegadegbeku@gmail.com

Twitter: @HerWildness

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Header Image: My 6th birthday (and one of my favorites, you can’t tell but I had on a paper crown and was feeling myself royally).

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